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helping everyday athletes

who are limited by pain or mobility issues 

feel better, move better,

and improve their performance

without giving up their workouts!

Welcome to Tranquil Place

Physical Therapy & Wellness!

We help you get back to doing what you love to do!

Have you been dealing with pain longer than you should?

Have you started to feel like it's never going to go away and you just have to live with it?


At Tranquil Place Physical Therapy and Wellness, we truly believe that is almost never the case! Pain persists when you are not aware of the factors that are creating it so therefore you can't do anything about them. Through a comprehensive assessment, education, and teamwork, we'll give you the tools to help your body to heal itself by creating a treatment plan that is specific to you. 


Our goal is  keep you as active as possible for as long as possible without having to deal with persistent pain every day. We want to keep you moving and participating in the activities that bring you the most joy.


If you’ve been suffering from mobility restrictions, chronic headaches, or pain in your neck, back, ankles, knees, or anywhere else, schedule a free Strategy Session today.  You might feel like you just have to 'live with it,' but 99% of the time that is just not true! You just need someone to help you figure out what is the underlying source of the problem so you can address THAT and not just the symptoms.


We can also work together in a wellness capacity to develop a preventative strategy for ongoing improvement in mobility and function. From annual physicals to educational workshops and trainings, you'll learn the knowledge and tools for you to live your healthiest and most active life.


Life is too short to deal with pain that has a solution! We can help you figure out what that is so you can put it in the past and get back to living the active lifestyle you want. 

If you’re ready to start feeling better & get back to doing what you love,

check out our services

to see how we can help! 


"Stacy's approach to treatment is exceptional.  She is dedicated to addressing the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. She is knowledgable and skilled in all these areas, and always has useful tips and ideas

to treat the problem!"

—  Lydia F.