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Our Services & Programs

We treat all types of physical injuries and impairments from headaches and neck pain, back pain, knee and shoulder injuries, foot and ankle pain, and everything in between. If you have any questions about your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact us here so we can clarify how we can help.

Initial Evaluation

This 75 minute evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of your particular restrictions and challenges. During our time together, we’ll work to understand

your history, current situation and future goals. Whether you’d like to climb the stairs without discomfort or increase your range of motion as an athlete, we’ll build a plan to work towards your future mobility goals. During your evaluation, you will be provided with education on the imbalances contributing to the problem, exercises to start addressing the injury on your own and recommendations for your future team-based plan of care.


The Comprehensive Evaluation is recommended for individuals with a recent injury or a chronic problem who are experiencing pain or difficulty doing the activities they once did with ease.

Annual Physical: The health components that are missing from your yearly physical!

This 45-minute wellness-focused appointment will assess major indicators of health and wellness including: blood pressure, body mass index, body fat testing, movement screening, and cardiovascular fitness with information on each area and a report describing what your numbers mean and recommendations for how to improve them.


The Annual Physical is recommended for individuals looking to get a baseline of their physical health as a supplement to the standard yearly  physical performed by their primary care provider. This session will highlight areas of decreased strength, flexibility, and mobility that when addressed can help to prevent future injury. This visit is not appropriate for someone who is dealing with an active injury. Those individuals would be advised to complete a Comprehensive Evaluation first.

Running Assessment

This 45-minute assessment is aimed at increasing your efficiency, improving your form, and preventing the pain associated with running injuries. This session will include a gait analysis, strength and flexibility testing, and movement pattern assessment to determine areas of weakness or imbalance. You will be provided with an individualized plan for improving your form and strength to increase your stride efficiency and decrease the potential for pain and injury while running.


This option is geared primarily toward runners or those interested in starting and maintaining a safe running program.

Mobility Assessment

The Mobility Assessment focuses on your overall range of motion and flexibility. You will come away with a clear picture of what areas need to be addressed to prevent injury in your day to day activities or exercise routine.


The Mobility Assessment is geared towards individuals looking to identify potential risk for future injuries based on their current strength, flexibility, and movement patterns.

Followup Treatment Sessions

Follow-up treatment sessions following the Comprehensive Evaluation.

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Customized Exercises

Each exercise is specifically chosen to treat your particular problem. Whether that is addressing a strength or flexibility imbalance, you will only be given exercises that have a specific purpose for you, and we will work together with you to make sure you're doing them correctly and safely so you get the full benefits out of every exercise. 

If you don't have a specific injury we can also help you achieve your health and fitness goals through personal training. After discussing what you hope to achieve and determining the baseline of where you are starting we'll develop a plan to keep you accountable and set you up for success. Sessions will be challenging and will make you work hard, but you can be confident you will be taken care of from a rehab perspective that will keep you safe with minimal risk of injury. 

Personal Training
Manual Therapy

We use a variety of manual techniques to address issues in your muscles, joints, and nervous system that are contributing to your specific problem. When possible, We'll teach you ways that you can reproduce similar techniques yourself at home in order to help with managing and treating your symptoms.